Thursday, April 21

day three...mommy and daddy(:

My mom and dad are the most important people in my life.  I love them both so much.

My mommy is so beautiful! 
I love her extremely straight, white teeth and brown eyes and her countless freckles.  
She has the best features! 
My mom is my best friend(: 
I tell her everything, we could talk for hours. 
I love to tell her about my day, new or old boys in my life, drama with friends, good times with friends, an embarrassing thing that happened that day. 
You name it, we talk about it. 
She is an excellent listener and teacher and always knows the right things to say. 
We really are the best of friends and are so insanely close! I love it so much! 
She is so strong-nothing could stop her from always being in tune with the spirit.
She is confident.
She is fearless. 
She is extremely forgiving.
She is caring-always putting others before herself.
She is generous-she's always there for me.
She is always kind-she has such a big heart. 
She is honest.
Everybody likes her. 
She is the biggest role model in my life. 
She knows who she is and what she believes, she has such a strong testimony.
I only strive to be more like her.  
This is definitely not just rambling, I could brag about her for hours. 
I love my mom more than anything else in this world.

  Aren't they just adorable???? (:

My daddy is such a remarkable man.
I have so much in common with him, we have the funniest jokes!
He is quite the character.
Everyone is always scared of him because of his gun(:
He is in the military and is very committed to this country.
He loves America.
He is also very committed to his work, he is the greatest.
It's amazing how much he'll work so our family can live better lives.
I only see him on weekends, but the hugs I get when he comes home are the absolutely best!
I love that when he sees me he instantly puts on a smile.
He is so bold, and I know he would take a bullet for me.
He is so strong in the church.
He is handsome. 
He is sooo funny.
and he loves to      laugh at me(:
and I love to make him laugh.
Most of my childhood memories lead back to things the two of us did.
I am his YOTY. (don't even worry about it, we understand)
I love my dad so much! 

And those are my amazing parents(: I LOVE THEM! (and I'm of course their favorite)


  1. Wow Karleen--- you are the best! Thank you for being my little girl and best friend!

  2. Karleen, you have a lot in common with your mom, that list of hers almost discribes you. Your parents sound like awesome people.