Thursday, April 28

day five! my favorite memory!(:

well, let's just say I have eighty-bagillion favorite memories...
so here are the tops (that I actually have pictures of):::::::::

This one time...Maren and I competed with a duet called "I Know Him So Well" from Chess(:
it went swell! I'm Russian and she's a filthy American, hahahahahah..yay!
anyways the most memorable part of all of it was the rehearsals we had with Jordon Sorenson. they were....interesting!

Kristen, Shelby, Bryanna and Karleen(:
This was memorable because we got the cops called on us! 
I love every single one of them!

Brandon and meee
This is only one moment of these "favorite memories".
Math class, junior year with Mr. Sheidler..maaaan good stuff(:
we played with play-doh, 
played with goldfish and skittles, 
looked at attractive people (:, 
matched the objects on our desks.....
and never ever ever shut up!
we were crazy, and probably had way too much fun(:

MaryKate, Maddie, Karleen, Maren and Elisa!
my best friend/birthday photoshoot.
my dear friends kidnapped me right after work and held a tea party in my favor and then we had a photoshoot, talent of Lauren Pugmire(:

fiesta pack with the Jarrrry(:
don't mind the nastiness coming out of his mouth...

Karleen, Thad, Maren, Maddie and Wesley
(missing Megan and Brodee)
good times with the best friend group(:

Facundo and I!
the day we spent all day together!
it was such a beautiful day, and we found "our spot" hahah

Jared Jespersen and Karleeeeen(:
I just love every moment with him, each is a favorite memory.
this was when we went to the "Night at the Museum" was pretty gay...
but we had fun! 


  1. I'm so flattered that you chose to put me in here. :) Thank you Karleen. :)

  2. And you're right. We did have too much fun. ;)